Ketha. One of a kind alternative metal act. Brought to life in 2008 with album called "III-ia", released by Debello Recordings in USA and 0v0 Art Productions in the band's home country, Poland. Soon after, Ketha played several festivals, shows (supporting Vader, Riverside, Blindead, Antigama among others) and ended up with touring Europe as a supporting act for Minsk, with guest appearance of Rasta (currently vocalist in Decapitated).

The band's second full length came out in 2012 thanks to Instant Classic. “2nd Sight” was recorded in Spaart and Tone Industria studios (Warsaw), mixed by Piotr Łukaszewski (then Red Studio, currently Custom34) and mastered by Szymon Czech (co-founder of Nyia band).

“Ketha’s second album is the perfect example of how to create music that continues to fascinate with it’s departure from current trends, complete in it’s independence, difficult and demanding”
– Arek Lerch (Violence Online, Metal Hammer Poland).

With almost completely new line-up (keeping MrTrip as the only "original member"), Ketha has been brought back to life in 2015 to release 17 minute long EP. Band kept its musical growth and ventured on a journey to the outer rims of heavy music, mixing twisted metal grooves with horns and electronics. Mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Phantomsmasher) "#!%16.7" hit hard with twisted riffs and psychedelic moods. EP consisted of 12 tracks that created a bigger entity. Lyrically it was inspired by Stanislaw Lem's literature, exploring philosophical themes through speculation on the nature of intelligence, the impossibility of communication with and understanding of alien intelligence, despair about human limitations, and humanity's place in the universe.

"There’s not a moment wasted and the EP is over far too soon. Which means you’ll play it again. And again. And again. And each time a different song will hit you in the gourd with a gourd, metaphorically speaking. If by the end of today you have not yet bought #​!​%​16​.​7, know now that I am bound by law and personal conviction to burn your fucking house down."
– Angry Metal Guy.

The record received very high ratings in music media, with several places putting "#!%16.7" on the list of "best records of the year". Band's effort reached its pick with Ketha's appearance at OFF Festival.

"0 hours starlight", the fourth full length released on 17 Nov 2017 consisted of 8 songs, 41 minutes of music. Mixed & mastered by Peter Lukaszewski @Custom34 Studio, the record takes Ketha to the next level, bringing music that is way more straightforward, dense and even more unique. Strong riffs, heavy grooves combined with catchy vocals and great production turned the record to be Ketha's most mature so far. Lyrically, album is devoted to human emotions, asking questions about personality, being individual and consequences of choices.

Michał Bartosik / bass
Maciej Dzik / drums
Bart Kaliszczak / guitar
MrTrip / guitar, vocal


Ketha - III-ia


2008 / Debello Recordings / 0v0 Art Promotion

Ketha - 2nd sight

2nd sight

2012 / Instant Classic

Ketha - #!%16.7


2015 / Instant Classic

Ketha - 0 hours starlight

0 hours starlight

2017 / Selfmadegod



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